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Recent CAJCIF Supported events

Recently the Santa Clarita Jaycees of California sought financial support from the Foundation to accomplish a city wide project that taught graduating seniors and continuing juniors in high school how they might face day to day challenges of living as an adult.  

The Foundation made an investment with a local Jaycee Chapter this past month to support a new project: Get Real: Adulting 101. (click for their recent podcast about it.  Believe it or not, high schools today no longer require a semester in home economics, auto shop, or even impart general life skills. So, we are graduating young people as adults who don’t realize the costs of getting an apartment, putting food on the table, know that car tires wear out, insurance is needed along with gas to make the car go, etc. etc.

JCI Santa Clarita fashioned a program to let students experience first-hand the trials and tribulations of being an adult. 68 students from several area high schools participated on a Saturday in a life simulation exercise that was an eye opener for them (and some of their parents who chose to follow along). Please check out their video at: Or the see the press coverage at : generation-z-a-financial-lesson-to-remember/


We have encouraged the project team to submit their project for awards at the US National meeting and they have already been contacted by several other school districts to include them in the next iteration, now planned for March 2023.

Congratulations to Chairperson Mary McCoy and her team of dedicated young leaders for a job well done and CAJC State President Joey Levy who was in attendance.

Media Coverage

Find out more here

Santa Clarita Valley Jaycees You Tube link:

JCI Santa Clarita Valley created a You Tube video to explain their project and invite participants.   You may be able to click here on the link to view the video:

Press coverage at the event

Local TV Channel news broadcast

Local television stations sent reporters to interview students and talk about the successful event

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