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History of the California Jaycees
The first 20 years

The United States Jaycees (first known as the Herculaneum Dance Club) formed in St. Louis Missouri in 1915 by Henry Giessenbier, Jr.  was extended to California in 1922 in the formation of the San Diego Junior Chamber of Commerce. Over the next 67 years the California Jaycees expanded across the state to 221 chapters in as many cities by 1988. The first 24 years history is captured in a book by Don. N. Driese. The four PDF files are provided for your reading pleasure. Copyright remains with the California Jaycees.  

Our thanks to California Jaycees President Joey Levy for permission to provide it here.


The 1st 20 years
Part 1

The 1st 20 years
Part 2

The 1st 20 years
Part 3

The 1st 20 years
Part 4 (WWII +)

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