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Grant Writing for Dummies – Inside tips from a pro who’s won $80 million in grants The best up-to-date advice on getting funding from governments, corporations, and foundations. Whether you’re a first-time grant writer or a veteran fundraiser, putting together a grant proposal can be a daunting task. Thankfully, this up-to-date insider’s guide shows you step-by-step how to research your options, deal with application forms, give prospective funding sources the specifics they’re looking for — and get the money you need. Discover how to: Get the scoop on government grants; Go for the gold with multiple grant requests; Make the case for your grant request: Use words that make funders say “yes”; Recycle a rejected proposal; And, more!

The Only Grant Writing Book You’ll Ever Need – Veteran grant writers Karsh and Fox not only rely on years of experience but also on interviews with dozens of foundations, associations, and government organizations to provide readers the best current thinking around a very tedious subject. What’s more, the book’s organization is attractive; 16 lessons, each prefaced with a truth-is-stranger anecdote and then expanded via a series of questions and answers and discussion and tested with pop quizzes, from fill in the blanks to independent study. The quotes from funders alone are worth the price of admission: “Less than 10 percent of proposals fit our guidelines.” “I hate it when budgets make no sense.” “Make it easier to use, with headings, bullets . . .” Yet, hands down, the appendixes win: 50 tips to improve your chances to win a grant and a proposal checklist, glossary, sample grant forms, representative list of community foundations, Web sites, regional associations of grant makers, and answers to pop quizzes. A must-have money reference.

Webster’s New World Grant Writing Handbook – Webster’s New World Grant Writing Handbook walks readers through every step of the grant writing process–from defining the project and getting and interpreting a foundation’s guidelines to submitting and following up on the grant application. With clear, concise explanations, thorough coverage, illustrative examples, and expert advice, this helpful, complete resource gives grant writers all the information and guidance they need to succeed.

Books, Websites, and Other Resources To Help You Promote Your Jaycee Events

Master Your Public Relations Efforts! Sign up for Joan Stewart’s ‘Publicity Hound’ eZine at When you sign up you’ll get a free report on ’89 Reasons to Send a Press Release’.

Learn How to Write Great Sales Letters – Dan Kennedy’s ‘The Ultimate Sales Letter’ is one of the best books to learn how to write and sell your ideas in print.

Discover the right phrases that sell! “Phrases That Sell : The Ultimate Phrase Finder to Help You Promote Your Products, Services, and Ideas” is a great book with time-tested phases that help you get your ideas across… and get people to take action. Click here for more info.

Searching for the right words that will sell your ideas? “Words That Sell” is the ultimate reference for anyone who needs instant access to the key words that make the difference in selling. Arranged by category for handy reference, it covers everything from “snappy transitions” to “knocking the competition,” from “grabbers” to “clinchers.” There are 62 ways to say “exciting” alone; 57 variations on “reliable”! Whether you are selling ideas or widgets, Words That Sell guarantees the expert sales professional an expanded, rejuvenated repertoire and the novice a feeling of confidence. Click here for more info.

Get tons and tons of great articles on marketing and writing to sell at Bob Bly’s website at Bob Bly is one of the most prolific copywriters in the world. He’s written over 60 books on the subjects of direct marketing, advertising, and copywriting. Sign up for his free eZine for helpful writing tips.


Public speaking is a great way to generate publicity for your events. For helpful tips, tricks, and strategies on how to improve your speaking, go to Tom Antion’s website at and sign up for his free eZine “Great Speaking”.

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