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Scholarship Grantees 2022

Recognizing leaders in action, High School and beyond.



We are pleased to report that the California Jaycee Foundation is strong, supporting the Jaycee movement now and well into the future. 


The California Jaycee Foundation (CAJCF) annually gives several scholarships of $1,000 to graduating California high school seniors.  This year the selection was from nine candidates whose applications were very competitive.  The CAJCF nominates two of these awardees to the USJCI Senate for consideration in the awarding its 35 scholarships of $1,000 across 50 states.


Here's a quick look at the background of the top four candidates for California, each of whom receives a $1,000 scholarship from the CAJC Foundation. Congratulations to all four!

From Top left clockwise please meet:


Isabella Jackson, of Victorville is a sportswoman who plays on the Apple Valley High School volleyball team, is actively involved in helping others, working part time three days a week as an intern in a local law office firm doing research and using her writing and interviewing skills, while maintaining a cumulative 4.5 GPA makes her highly competitive.  She is already attending Victor Valley Junior College earning collegiate credits in NINE courses while enrolled as a high school senior. She has also won another $1,000 scholarship for her writing skills in a competition through the Carson Scholar Contest. 

Maya Elizabeth Mary Ruhe of San Diego is enormously involved in her community, demonstrating leadership and helping others. She seems to be living life fully at every opportunity and enrolled in a local community college to gain credits while still enrolled in high school. She is a four-year member of the California Scholarship Federation and a school cheerleader. She is also a four-year member of BE WISE (Better Education for Women In Science and Engineering) a very competitive program that provides hands on learning for young women interested in applied sciences.  The USJCI Senate Scholarship Committee announced that our California Scholarship winner Maya Elizabeth Mary RUHE had been selected for one of the 35 scholarships it granted.  Congratulations Maya!

Elizabeth Lambert of San Jose is an impressive young woman.  During a time when others are decrying remote learning, (I too think this is a troubling aspect for our children, two years of television learning is destructive of social skills at the minimum) this young lady has figured out how to do it successfully while engineering her skills to meet a market need, building her successful equine photography business, literally on the road. A winning horsewoman she competes, runs a profitable professional activity and a cumulative 4.45 GPA!


William Pugmire of Carlsbad has shown key leadership, service, and an entrepreneurial spirit that is hard to dismiss.  Using his various skills he has worked as a cashier, math tutor, referee for youngster’s flag football and is the owner and founder of Pugmire Brothers/ Power washing! Although his hand written application was not as professional in appearance when compared to his competitors what he was actually doing in his community was exceptional. He created Bears by Will, developing a simple stuffed bear that is demonstrated via a You Tube channel and is responsible for over 2,000 bears being created and donated through his own organization! You can see it here:

Dear Committee Members,


I just wanted to take a minute to thank you so much for the $1000 scholarship.  I was recently notified by UCSD that it was received!  It has made a huge difference.  Due to the number of scholarships I won, I was able to afford to live on campus this school year.  I hope to continue to make an impact on my community and your support helps!!!


Best Wishes,

Maya Ruhe

Canyon Hills High School

University of California San Diego

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